Women’s March for reproductive rights takes place in Fargo

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- Brought together by the Women’s March organization, dozens of pro-choice supporters are at the Reproductive Rights Rally.

Attendees marched through downtown, and stopped in front of the Red River Women’s clinic.

They’re concerned about the dwindling number of similar clinics around the state.

“This march, this frustration, this anger, this motivation that we have to demand access to safe abortion, is strictly to keep people safe.” Said Maddi Jansky Women’s March Organizer.

“Organizers feel this is a more crucial time than ever, for their opinions to be heard.”

“This event is in response to all of the bans that took place in the country this last legislative session, and then the supreme court hearing Mississippi V Dobbs that will be heard on Dec 1st. ” Said Destini Spaeth Women’s March Organizer.

Emotions ran high about what could happen with the Supreme Court’s decision and our country’s view on abortions moving forward.

“Being a woman in general is scary, and then to think they’re trying to take away our rights as human beings and trying to put all these bans on our bodies, and try and kind of minimize us as a people really.” Said  Randi Haarsager- Neary March Participant.

They are determined to make their voices heard nationwide but say making a difference starts in local communities.

“I think that it’s awesome that we have so many people who are just backing the same basic modern human right, I think that this is even better than the last one that we had two years ago. So it’s nice that the support has grown.” Said Rikki Haarsager-Dockter March Participant.

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