Energy Secretary calls bringing clean technology to ND “a huge opportunity”

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Visits To Hear Clean Energy Pitch

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KVRR) – Climate change and clean energy transitioning forward could be centered around North Dakota.

“I believe we’ve got the regulatory environment, we’ve got the commitment to technology, we’ve got the entrepreneur. We’ve got partnerships between the federal, state, and private sector,” North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum said.

A state united in an effort to move into a clean energy transition, North Dakota has a long history with fossil fuels but a new day may be coming. 

“We’re an energy powerhouse in North Dakota and if we’re given the right help, the governor said very well in terms of some of these incentives, some of the regulatory policies, the 45Q, the 40AA. The Loan guarantees project tundra are in the department of energy,” North Dakota Senator John Hoeven said.

With the government’s funding and approval, there is a potentially major economic boost on the line for the Peace Garden State.

Project Tundra could be used as a blueprint to advance these next-generation technologies that help produce reliable, affordable and increasingly clean energy.

“I get the importance from both the workers point of view as well as for the economic opportunity for a state, to be able to clean the technology, decarbonize the technologies we have and move into new technologies. Huge economic opportunity for North Dakota,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said.

The state has been laying down the foundation for this move for some time. 

“The work goes back decades, some of the work that started in 2007, 2008, when Senator Hoeven was Governor, is really driving towards this, we are on the front edge,” Burgum said.

Our state’s size, consistent sunlight and dedication to solar power makes for an ideal destination for this venture.

The Biden Administration is all in on an effort to make our country a forefront in this clean energy transition movement, and are determined to see these jobs and technology remain in the states.

“We want those products and those supply chains made here in America soup to nuts,  and that is a huge economic opportunity for us to be a very significant contributor to reducing climate change,” Granholm said.

By 2035 our country is expected to be relying almost solely on clean electricity according to Secretary Granholm.

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