LIVE UNITED Give United Day To Prevent Homelessness

You Can Give Online Through Sunday


The United Way of Cass and Clay Counties is hoping people will unite this week to help reduce homelessness in our region.

The ‘Live United, Give United’ campaign culminates in LIVE UNITED Give United Day on Friday.
The United Way is working to raise $100,000 to go towards programs to help end homelessness.
You can give online through Sunday, or in person at the United Way offices on Friday.
Donations help fund a variety of programs, including ones that try to intervene and help families before they lose their homes.

Tiffany McShane, United Way Director of Community Engagement, says, “They shouldn’t have to worry about where they’re sleeping at night, so this event was created to support our work to prevent families and children from becoming homeless in our community.”

Click here to donate online.


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