LIVE: Boos & Bison At The Red River Zoo

"Boo at the Zoo" events happening while the Red River Zoo is welcoming three new bison


The Red River Zoo is celebrating the season while welcoming their newest residents this week.

The Zoo is hosting its final two “Boo at the Zoo” events the next two Saturdays, October 23rd and 30th.
Kids can wear costumes and trick-or-treat throughout the zoo.
Zoo animals will also get Halloween-themed enrichment items.
Also this week, the zoo welcomed three new bison.

The bison aren’t on display yet.
They’re part of the Scheels Pride of the Prairie exhibit set to open next year.
The new bison come from Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, where their lineage can be traced all way back to 1913, when the New York Zoological Society donated bison to there to help repopulate the species.

Executive Director Sally Jacobson says, “They’re fabulous animals with a rich story and now it’s kind of cool to see it going full circle and some of those offspring coming back to a zoo to start new conservation herds.”

Jacobson says the bison, two female yearlings and one male yearling, are acclimating well to their new home this week.

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