Fergus Falls surgeon let go after speaking at school board meeting

A local surgeon Dr. Jeff Horak with Lake Region Medical Group Was Let Go After Comments Made At A Fergus Falls School Board Emergency Meeting About A Mask Mandate

Fergus Falls, N.D. (KVRR)- A local surgeon Dr. Jeff Horak has been relieved of duty by The  Lake Region Medical Group after comments made at a Fergus Falls school board emergency meeting  about a mask mandate for students in elementary school, who haven’t been added to the age group for vaccinations. 

The board voted on a two-week mandate for elementary schools in the county, as a trial run to review the effects and sustain the spread of Covid 19. Despite the protests and  statements from parents and faculty the mandate was approved, but it expired on Wednesday, Oct. 20th.

At that meeting, Dr. Jeff Horak, who was employed with the group for 16 years, spoke in favor of  parents right  to choose whether their children wear masks in school


“I’m used to wearing masks, I’m not trying to do it while I’m running, or playing in the gym or all that other stuff. These masks, you want to stop the virus. The example of it is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence, good luck.” Said Dr. Jeff Horak


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