Update: North Dakota Tax Commissioner taken to detox

BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR) – North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger was taken to detox Monday after an incident at a Bismarck hotel.

A police report says Rauschenberger attempted to check into his room, but it wasn’t available yet.  A hotel employee saw Rauschenberger walk into a hotel room that was not assigned to him, where he fell asleep on the bed.

When Rauschenberger didn’t answer the door, police were given a room key to get inside.  Rauschenberger was found passed out, face down on the bed.  He was cleared for detox and taken to the Burleigh Morton Detention Center when he couldn’t find a safe ride.  He was not arrested.

According to court documents, Rauschenberger plead guilty in August in Bismarck Municipal Court to having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. He was fined $100.

Four years ago, Rauschenberger, a Republican, was arrested for DUI after he was stopped by the Highway Patrol.  Rauschenberger apologized and later pleaded guilty.

In 2014, Rauschenberger took a temporary unpaid leave of absence citing his decision to seek professional help for alcohol issues.


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