Fargo City Commission votes down mask requirement for most city workers


FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The Fargo City Commission votes to end its mask requirement for city employees except for public health, transit and library departments on Dec. 1.

The motion also says any department head has the opportunity to require their workers to mask up.

The only commissioner to vote no was Dave Piepkorn.

Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney brought the motion forward since he believes many people have the opportunity to get vaccinated and the city can test for the virus in wastewater. He says the amount of people infected for Covid-19 in the city is “coming down” and the city has a six to seven percent 14 day positivity rate.

Library staff asked Mahoney if they could continue to require masks and the federal government has a requirement for masking on city buses.

Commissioner John Strand voiced concerns about the Omicron variant which health officials say there isn’t a positive case of it in the U.S.

Fargo Cass Public Health Director of Public Health Desi Fleming says Omicron is a more complex variant adding it’s “Not the time to let our guard down.”

She says very few people are masking in public in the city and doesn’t believe the policy will change many things. Fleming said if more people would get vaccinated, she would feel better about the city not requiring masks.

You can watch the full City Commission meeting regarding masks by clicking the video below.

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