House fire destroys home in rural Moorhead

Two people jump out of a second story window to escape a house fire in rural Moorhead

RURAL MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – Two people jump out of a second story window to escape a house fire in rural Moorhead.

Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting says they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

“The building was pretty well fully engulfed and our focus became protecting the adjacent residents and propane tanks there,” Sabin-Elmwood Fire Department Assistant Chief Steve Brush said.

Fire officials say around 7:57 Wednesday morning a driver passing by the 4400 block of Highway 52 reported a fire in the area.

The Moorhead Fire Department was the first on the scene and were later joined by Dilworth and Sabin-Elmwood.

First responders say that they typically see an uptick in house fires, during the winter months.

“More usage of Christmas lights, auxiliary heaters people trying to throw pipes out with propane torches, stuff like that,” Brush said.

Fire experts have tips to make sure your home is free of hazards.

“Make sure if you’re using space heaters that they are modern space heaters that they’re being used appropriately, that they have overload protection on them so if they tip over or get too hot they shut off,” Brush explained.

Precautions need to be taken especially during the holidays as well with lights and decorations.

“The big thing this time of year is Christmas lights make sure you’re not overloading your electrical circuits with Christmas lights. If you’ve got a real Christmas tree make sure to keep it watered so it doesn’t dry out,” said Brush.

The Salvation Army Emergency Response Team also helps with disasters assisting first responders and families affected by them.

“We’re happy to do that. They just call the Salvation Army in Fargo and we’ll connect them to all those resources,” Major Abe Tamayo said.

A cause hasn’t been determined.

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