The Northern Hemp Summit showcases new innovations

"It is an end all, be all plant."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Hemp continues to gain popularity and with that questions are arising.

Agriculture leaders gather at The Northern Hemp Summit with information and innovations.

“It just brings farmers and people who are interested in the hemp industry together to make new contacts, learn about regulatory stuff and any information that they might need can be found here about hemp,” Badlands Hemp Co-owner Shane Weber said..

The event highlights the benefits of the crop including production, processing, marketing and policy.

“There are so many different benefits of the plant because of the zinc, the antioxidants. There is also the sleep side, the pain relief and people are building houses out of hemp. If you ask the people in the industry, it is really great because it is an end all, be all plant,” Life Giving Seeds President Hannah Erbele said.

Although building houses with hemp sounds crazy, it is nothing new.

“It is not very new, it has been around for a very long time. It has been used for centuries,” Hempcrete Owner Matt Marino explained.

The building and insulation material is called Hempcrete. It is a mixture of the woody, inner part of hemp stalks, water and limestone.

“Here is a good example of the finished product. This would go inside your walls and would act as insulation. The material would be coated with a traditional finish like wood siding or a lime plaster,” Marino added.

Eberle says there are a lot of misconceptions about hemp and she hopes to address them.

“I have been eating hemp since I was a little girl, my mom used to put it on our cereal and on our food. My husband thought it was marijuana and there is a big difference. I think really educating people on what the plant is, there is the marijuana side, industrial side, and CBD – it really needs to be broken up into three different parts so people can understand it and get educated,” Erbele explained.

The summit is held annually throughout North Dakota.

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