Santa makes an early stop at Micah’s Mission Shelter and Community Center

"I love seeing what the kids are getting as much as they probably do," says Hannah Young

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — “It’s always kids at Christmas. It’s always a great time. I love seeing what the kids are getting as much as they probably do. It’s just, it’s just always so much fun. The kids are always happy to see Santa and they always light up when they see what they get. And especially because they don’t necessarily know that we sent out the wish list to Santa,” said Hannah Young with Churches United for the Homeless.

It was a community effort. Moorhead Police, Clay County Sheriff’s Office and Moorhead Area Public Schools all helped with donations.

“We do what we call a giving tree. So, at the law enforcement center, we set up a Christmas tree and we put the names of children that are currently staying here at Micah’s Mission during the holiday season on that tree. And staff members pick names off the tree and they buy gifts for these children and we bring them in with Santa during the holiday season,” said Officer Jordan Werk School Resource Officer with the Moorhead Police Department.

Of course, the kids’ reactions are priceless.

“They get really excited to see Santa and obviously, it’s awesome that we get to give them Christmas gifts. So, I absolutely love this event and it’s my favorite thing that we do because of those kids’ reactions,” said Werk.

It took almost a month to gather all the gifts, but law enforcement says it’s well worth it.

This is Officer Werk’s third year participating.

“I start right after Thanksgiving and then we go all the way up ’til today. All of us are very focused on this community so we wanted to work with Micah’s Mission here in town,” said Werk.

“It’s incredible, you know, from the get go we have been part of such an amazing community in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Every year over the holidays when it’s back to school, and every time in between. I’m always blown away by the outpouring of generosity that comes from our community,” said Young.

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