Merry Mornings: Sustainable Sparkle with Heirlooms Thrift & Gift

Get expert tips on how to get locally-sourced holiday glam you can feel good about.

It’s one of the biggest trends in holiday home decor: upcycling.

It ticks all the boxes for a modern approach to creating holiday displays.

The pieces are unique, so your look will stand out from the crowd.

They come in from local sources and donations, so they don’t have to be trucked in from miles away, thereby cutting down on your carbon footprint.

They can bring a rich sense of history and tradition to your home, while putting a fun new twist on old inherited objects.

The trick is: how do you put your upcycled pieces together in a way that’s got style as well as sustainability?

That’s where this guy comes in.

Steve Johnson is the top talent and the visionary behind one of the region’s best-kept decor secrets.

He’s store manager at Heirlooms Thrift and Gift is a southside gem that’s much more than a consignment shop.

It’s chock-full of items donated from families throughout the region, which Johnson and his team gathers and curates in a way that gives you a chance to see them afresh.

Johnson walked the Morning Show’s Emily Welker and Luke Smith through some of his most creative ideas and approaches to holiday displays, and gives us a lesson on how we can do it too.

It’s all there, from trees decorated in dishes and dolls and other collections, to turning a what-on-earth-is-that-thing glass object into an indispensable item for serving cocktails and appetizers.

Displays are constantly changing, so there’s always something to see.

Best of all, the proceeds also go to support Hospice of the Red River Valley, a nonprofit that’s been helping the region’s families in some of their hardest moments for the last 40 years.

Check out Johnson’s top tips for upcycling and holiday displays here, and for more information on Hospice and Heirlooms, look here:

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