Numerous Vehicles Damaged in Chain-Reaction Crash on I-94


FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A driver changing lanes causes another driver to lose control and that results in a chain-reaction crash involving numerous vehicles on Interstate 94.

The crashes happened around 6 Tuesday night near mile marker 351 westbound.

Seven vehicles were damaged from side-swiping or read-ending other vehicles.

Two vehicles struck the concrete traffic barrier in the median.

No injuries were reported.

Disabled vehicles came to rest in multiple lanes impacting traffic for about an hour and a half while they were towed from the scene.

Roads were wet and icy at the time of the chain-reaction crashes.

They are still under investigation by the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

They are reminding motorists to drive safe during the holidays.

Obey speed limits and drive with caution in inclement weather, reducing speeds when necessary.

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