North Dakota Health Experts Talk Omicron

The Omicron Variant is on the Rise in North Dakota

NORTH DAKOTA – The North Dakota Department of Health says recent data shows spikes of almost one-and-a-half million new cases of Covid-19 across the nation in a single day.

Omicron is extremely contagious and has begun surging in North Dakota. The variant is less severe than others but has a high attack rate that will still cause rampant cases, hospitalizations and death.

As of Thursday there were more than 7,400 active Covid cases in North Dakota. The omicron variant has over 50 mutations, changes to the virus have been problematic.

“There were concerns that those changes might make the virus more transmissible or faster to spread from person to person and might make it able to escape immunity that we’ve developed from either prior vaccination or prior infection and unfortunately both of those things turned out to be true,” Infectious disease physician and North Dakota State University Professor of Practice Dr. Paul Carson said.

Studies show vaccines are substantially less protective against infection from the variant after the six month mark. However, your risk of infection against omicron is cut in half if you have a booster.

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