Concordia College students raise social awareness on MLK DAY

Concordia College students and faculty honor Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior in their Daring to Dream program.

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – Concordia College students and faculty honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior in their Daring to Dream program.

The theme for this year’s event is The Radical Imagination of a New Generation.

“MLK DAY is a day where we can just take a break from whatever we do on a daily basis and just to reflect back on the actions that we’ve taken and how those actions can influence other people. Especially those from the BIPOC community those who are not being heard,” Student Planning Committee Co-Chair Alissa Edjacin said.

“We’re pushing for better diversity and inclusion on campus,” Student Planning Committee Co-Chair Mattie Bogart said.

Students and faculty at Concordia College honor Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King with Church services and displays like the Walk Through Oppression to highlight his legacy and inequalities still happening.

“It’s the religion aspect of it but then also the racial, social justice aspects, what we know MLK for,” Concordia College Student Organizations and Programming Coordinator Elizabeth Hart said.

Student leaders say the day  was about reflecting on acceptance as well as focusing on issues that may not affect everyone in everyday life like social injustices as well as systematic racism. To help educate the public, there is a display this is part of it right here Where students can actually scan this piece right here and after than an article will pop up on their phone, it’ll provide information on issues they may not be aware of.

“You know going to a predominantly white institution we’re going to have some push back and everything about the day’s events but most of what we’ve heard has been super positive so far,” Bogart said..

“There are still these structural issues that impact our community today that we want to address so we can move past them and make a better future,” Hart said.

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