North Dakota Coronavirus Update

Omicron cases continue to grow across North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — “It was just a really disheartening experience I think for all of us at public health. We rely heavily on vaccines and historically always have and for people to question that science it was really hard,” says Demi Fleming, Director of Public Health at Fargo Cass Public Health.

The omicron variant continues to surge throughout North Dakota. According to the North Dakota department of health, the omicron variant is now likely to be at least 90% of coronavirus cases in the state.

Experts at Sanford Health in Fargo are saying new variants may emerge after omicron due to natural mutating behavior among viruses.

“The behavior of viruses they will take hold and basically mutate until they could continue to multiply and survive, what we don’t know is how significant an illness it will cause,” says Dr. David Griffin, Vice President and Medical Officer at Sanford Fargo.

Hospitals are still hit hard despite omicron showing milder symptoms amongst the vaccinated but getting patients a bed remains challenging among the country.

“Continues to be very challenging on the bed situation, us personally, we have them in staff okay, we’re very concerned about staff,” Dr. Griffin says.

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