Minnesota’s 2022 Legislative Session Starts With Massive Surplus

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KVRR) — Minnesota’s 2022 Legislative Session is underway with lawmakers looking at a $7.7 billion budget surplus.

Republicans want to pass permanent tax cuts to give money back to Minnesota families.

Democratic Gov. Tim Walz has proposed sending checks of $175 or $350 to more than 2 million Minnesota families.

The governor also proposed a record $2.7 billion bonding package.

Democratic leaders want to get $250 million in hero pay for front-line workers passed after the legislature failed to reach agreement last session.

“Not been moving as quickly as I’d hoped in the other chamber so I’m hoping that more progress is made. We’re ready to go as soon as that’s ah, as soon as there is an agreement in place,” said State Sen. Jeremy Miller, the Republican Senate Majority Leader.

Both parties say they want to do something about public safety this session.

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