Fargo Marathon Keeps Pace While Adjusting To Changes

Fargo Marathon Set For Saturday, May 21st


Fargo, N.D. (KVRR) – Marathon week is back at its traditional time, no matter what obstacles get in the way of runners.

The Fargo Marathon is this Saturday. It’s in May for the first time in three years because of COVID.
Marathon week events have gone well so far, including the Cyclothon and the FurGo Dog run.
But organizers have had to deal with some hurdles in their return to May.
The marathon course had to be altered twice last minute because of high river levels.
But race director Mark Knutson says any issues were solved quickly.

He adds, “The great people at the city of Fargo and the city of Moorhead, we all worked together and came up with a different route, got it approved and more importantly got it certified by our course measurer, Tom. I mean, to get all that done in about the course of four days is incredible.”

Knutson says you can still sign up for any of this weekend’s races through Friday. Click here for more information.

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