Minnesota Lawmakers Not Expected To Finish Work Before Deadline

The governor has signed a bill that changes several liquor laws including raising the cap on growler sales.
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ST. PAUL (KVRR) — It appears Minnesota lawmakers will not get everything done before the 11:59 p.m. end-of-session deadline.

It become obvious Sunday afternoon that they won’t finish on time.

Lawmakers on Saturday reached a $4 billion tax relief package which includes the elimination of state taxes on Social Security income, an income tax rate cut.

It also expands the renter’s credit.

Due to a larger overall agreement, it won’t pass until all spending bills are settled.

As far as a special session?

Gov. Tim Walz has vowed not to call one after being heavily involved in last-minute negotiations.

“The Tax Bill is a fantastic tax bill, um, so I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t sign that,” said Republican Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller of Winona.

“Uh, commissioners have been involved through the process so um I don’t see any reason why the governor would veto any of these bills.”

Senate Minority Leader Melisa Lopez Franzen of Edina was upset with the pace of action and said, “There’s bills on, in front, in the front desk right now that we could be taking up right now instead of going to recess. Instead we’re taking stadium bills.”

There was an emotional moment in the Senate as Senator David Tomassoni of Chisholm said goodbye.

He had been working remotely due to a rapid progression of ALS.

The senate passed a $25 million bill for ALS research which he authored.

The governor just signed another bill that changes several liquor laws including raising the cap on growler sales, allowing more off-sale options for smaller breweries, and expanding license opportunities for specific cities and events.


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