LIVE: Fargo Mayoral Candidates

Meet Arlette Preston.


A longtime public servant in the city of Fargo is throwing her hat in the ring to take over the top leadership spot.

City Commissioner Arlette Preston is the latest challenger to join the Morning Show in our ongoing series of one on ones with the Fargo mayoral candidates.

Preston is taking on housing as one of her campaign’s top priorities.

She says the lack of affordable housing Fargo currently has isn’t sustainable.

She says homeowners who have older homes, often starter homes, need incentives from the city to renovate rather than demolish.

She also says rents are being priced out of reach for lower-income workers.

Preston says she’s already working on a plan for the city to work to make more rental properties available at lower prices without costing developers more.

For the details, check out the full interview above, and take a look at her campaign website:

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