Watch: Highway Patrol joins crackdown on Fargo speeders and street racers

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Law enforcement in the region are becoming more proactive stopping speeders in Fargo a couple of weeks after a town hall meeting addressing the issue.

An airplane from the North Dakota Highway Patrol is being used to track down reckless drivers as part of the Fargo Police Department’s crackdown on speeders and street racers.

“We’ll be doing several of those throughout the course of the summer. North Dakota Highway Patrol has been very extremely collaborative and helpful in terms of allowing us to use their plane. It helps us a lot especially with the cars that don’t stop. We’ve also collaborated with Cass County and West Fargo to kind of put together a combined traffic enforcement effort in our region if you will. A lot of the issues are happening in Fargo proper,” Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski said.

From the air, troopers are using a special camera to find the speeders and radio the information to law enforcement on the ground.

On Friday, about 100 citations were issued in Fargo across four hours.

“We’re all each individual agencies but we are working together to make our communities safer. Part of that is through traffic enforcement. If our roadways are safe then our communities can be safe,” North Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Bryan Niewand said.

The cost of the extra enforcement is covered by the Highway Patrol.

“There really is no extra cost. Again, we have an aircraft we budget for the use of it every year. We have three pilots that our agency has trained to fly that aircraft so there are individuals that are being employed by the North Dakota Highway Patrol anyways. Other individuals inside that vehicle again are working for our agency,” Niewand said.

The Fargo City Commission voted down a proposal that would have created a task force to address street racing.

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