Pet Connection: Meet Cuddles

Cuddles is a sweet girl looking for a home to come out of her shell in


Have you cuddled any feathers lately? Maybe you should try it. A very sweet girl is joining us for this week’s Pet Connection. Meet Cuddles from Kritter Krazy.

From Kritter Krazy’s website:

“Cuddles is a 29 year old Sulfur Crested Cockatoo.

Cuddles is a female, who needs a female owner or at least primary caretaker. She will run and cower from men.

Cuddles is very sweet. She was in a home with 8 other parrots and has been overpowered in volume so she kind of whispers when she speaks right now, however her screams are typical loud cockatoo volume.

She has been coming out of her shell and gaining confidence. She will whisper “hello” at you and try to get you to come over for scratches. We are confident that once she gets into a home with a calm person, starts building a real bond with some and gets all the attention she will find her voice even more.

Cuddles was previously fed seed. We have switched her over to pellets and fresh foods and will require his diet stay that way.

Adopter must either have an appropriate cage already, buy an approved one before adoption or purchase her current cage.

We will not ship animals. Adopter must be willing to come to our facility.

Adopter must meet Cuddles before adoption to ensure a good match. Adopter must have an approved home study from us or our partner parrot rescue- CAARE located in Fargo, ND to be considered.

Cockatoos can be very loud and can NOT live in an apartment. A home with prior parrot experience is preferred.

If you are interested in applying for adoption, please visit the resources page on our website: for an application.”

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