Senator Smith revisits abortion pill access and expanding Supreme Court

MINNESOTA (KVRR) — In 2021, Minnesota Senator Tina Smith proposed a bill to expand the number of justices on the US Supreme Court from nine to thirteen.

She says the goal is to restore balance and she also feels the court has lost some trust with the public in recent years.

On Thursday, Senator Smith proposed another bill to grant access to the abortion pill having it available in every state where abortion is legal.

“The United States Supreme Court should be outside of politics it should be people who are there to enforce the law and precedent, to read the constitution and to follow the rule of law. A lot of people don’t realize for almost 20 years there has been medication abortion that you could take in the early weeks of pregnancy, up through the 10th week. You can take it at home, you don’t have to have in most cases a face to face visit with a physician. They can be mailed to you, it is a way of providing good access,” says Minnesota Senator Tina Smith.

She says women also have the opportunity to travel to other states for the medication if abortion is illegal in their home state.

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