North Dakota Leaders Praise U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against EPA

Epa Ruling 063022

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KVRR) — North Dakota’s Republican leaders are praising the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling against the EPA.

The court said that the Clean Air Act does not give the EPA broad authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants that contribute to global warming.

North Dakota was one of 20 states that petitioned with West Virginia.

“North Dakota is an energy powerhouse for this country whether its base load coal fired electricity or just about any other type,” said Republican U.S. Sen. John Hoeven.

“So this decision is really important for what we do and it’s about common sense, it’s about limiting the EPA’s regulatory overreach and it’s about state’s rights.”

“The Supreme Court’s ruling today is a tremendously significant decision for State’s rights and for consumers. This ruling puts a halt to federal overreach, including far reaching EPA proposed rules that infringed not just on State’s but congressional authority,” Republican Gov. Doug Burgum said.

“This decision confirms that the power to implement policies that keep our air and water clean should be held by the states, not the federal government,” said Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong.

Environmental advocates and President Joe Biden say it is a major step in the wrong direction at a time of increasing environmental damage attributable to climate change.


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