Clay County Fair provides outlet for family fun

The Clay County Fair welcomes the community back after their own COVID-19 hiatus. Food, games, and family atmosphere is still in tact.

BARNESVILLE, Minn. (KVRR)- The Clay County Fair is back and families in the Fargo Moorhead area are happy to get out and bring the kids along.

People say this fair is just right because it’s small enough for parents to keep track of kids, but still big enough to live up to the fair hype, with good food and a variety of rides.

“Everything has been kind of shut down for awhile now we have a chance to get back out a lot safer, feel a little bit more comfortable. We have good friends that live in the Barnesville area, we’re from Fargo so it’s only a quick ride down,” said Daniel Sampson, Fargo.

Sampson his wife Ebony and their two kids Elana and Desmond are at the fair for the second time.

“It’s a nice small family fun atmosphere, like I said when you live out here you take advantage of all the fun things to do in the summer. It makes no sense to sit at home when there is stuff like this going on,” said Sampson.

It was a chance for kids to hang out and enjoy the vibes with their friends.

“I actually got people here now, got someone to talk to someone to be on rides with, so I can actually go on some rides,” said Tristan Green, Barnesville.

“The rides, derby. Yea the rides and the derby, and hanging out,” said Zander Swenson Barnesville.

The Moby Dick ride was one of the favorites that kept getting mentioned.

The games were also a big hit, Ethan Jones just started as a carny, this is his first time working at the Clay County Fair.

“It’s nice to be out here and meet the people you know. This is mini basketball you got to make the tiny ball into the big hoop here. It’s a prize guaranteed every time,” said Ethan Jones, Carny.

“I’m ready to splash if I get the opportunity I’m going to splash,” said Zander Swenson, Barnesville.

“You see me I got the Giannis jersey I don’t miss any shots,” said Hamza Deahirow, Barnesville.

“That’s my jersey for your information,” said Swenson

They get an A for effort here.

This is one of the more popular games it drew a lot of attention today so I decided to give it a try. Lets get it, buckets.


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