Liberian Independance Day gathering brings celebration to Dilworth

Liberia declared it's independence in 1847 and every July 26th they celebrate in their country.

DILWORTH, M.N. (KVRR) — In the Fargo Moorhead region and throughout the United States the Liberian people celebrate the weekend before.

Leaders from the United Liberians Association say they all celebrate the weekend before in America because of the work schedule, during the week. They want to make sure everyone can be present to celebrate and July 26th falls on a Tuesday this year.

They tell me there are about 5,000 Liberian people in the Fargo Moorhead area and they’re proud to live in a safe area.

And are grateful at the way leadership and the public here have been welcoming them and their traditions.

Celebrating Liberia’s independence gives them a chance to share their dances, food, and history.

Mayors from Moorhead and West Fargo were present, along with other city representatives.

There was goat soup on the menu.

“These are the people that are hosting us here so we want for them to come participate in this occasion today and again we’re doing a coin contest, we will demonstrate our culture here today. We have African food, African dance, and we want people to come see how we perform,” said Ebenezer Saye, President, United Liberians Association North Dakota.”

“I just love like Liberian the fascinating culture and how like they do stuff their way, it’s very fascinating,” said Dearesz Zumo, Performer.

“A lot of times our children that we have here, born here, they don’t know of our culture, they don’t know some of the significance you know the importance of being Liberian and stuff like that. Today we want them to be the ones telling the community this is Liberia,” said Precious Dweh, Performer.

They also say this is an opportunity to address some concerns Liberian people could be facing like housing discrimination, and intimidation.

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