Glyndon celebrates history with community

It featured a parade, a car show and all types of activities for all ages

GLYNDON, Minn. (KVRR) — Glyndon, Minnesota celebrates their history with their traditional Glyndon Days celebration.

People that live in Glyndon Minnesota say they are a proud community, a tight nit and supportive unit. Some say It’s a quiet town, but they know how to celebrate their history.

“We’ve had a lot of events going on this week, today we have our bouncy houses for the kids, we have vendors out here, lots of vendors with a lot of homemade items. We have our food trucks out here, selling lots of goodies for families,” said Mayor Tracy Tollefson, Glyndon.

She says they have tried to involve local businesses more and celebrate what they do.

“We do have Morty’s that’s offering a bean bag tournament today and the hill lounge and some golf, and different events we have going on, we want to kind of involve them as well,” said Tollefson.

They have also made an effort to have more activities for kids.

“We’ve done three on three basketball, we’ve done an alumni softball game, golf scrambles, you see everybody that’s out and about coming out and taking part in these events, it’s really fun,” said Tollefson.

Mayor Tollefson has lived in Glyndon for 30 years and started her first term as mayor in January of 2021. She’s seen the population growth, and the evolution of this event.

She says they want to continue to welcome people to come and celebrate with them in the coming years.

“You know I think today the goal for us, I mean we’ve had a couple years of Covid, and I think just bringing the community together, and having kids and family, community around us you couldn’t ask for anything better,” said Tollefson.

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