Fargo City Commission votes down resolution to add two seats

New City Commisison

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The Fargo City Commission declines a resolution from Commissioner John Strand to add two seats to the commission in a three to two vote.

Commissioner Dave Piepkorn had concerns about how to pay for the new commissioners and additional support staff. Commissioner Denise Kolpack felt it was too soon to educate voters to put it on the November ballot. Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney didn’t think adding seats would make for a more efficient city government.

“With the growth of our community, the population diversity in our community. If I recall in our last election we had 15 people running for Commission. Four or five of them were representatives of diverse groups,” Stand said.

Commissioners Strand and Arlette Preston were the only ones in favor of increasing the commission’s size.

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