LIVE: Blizzard in the Studio for Miracle Treat Day

It'll be a miracle if we don't get brain freeze from all this ice cream.

It’s still warm outside.

But we had a blizzard in the studio this morning.

Several of them, actually.

It’s Miracle Treat Day, and we wanted to do our part to put the word out that ice cream before 9 a.m. is actually a good thing.

On one day of the year, in July, we actually look forward to a blizzard.

That’s because a dollar or more of every Dairy Queen Blizzard will go to help sick kids at Sanford Children’s Hospital.

And to spread the word, Emily and Adam got to do a blizzard taste testing contest.

The fundraiser goes through the tri-state area all the way to Iowa and Montana.

Sanford Foundation’s Hillery Mork and Dairy Queen’s Teri Ell visited the Morning Show studios to put Adam and Emily to the test.

They also shared details about some of the programs for hospitalized kids your donation will go to support.

Find out if Emily and Adam could they guess the six different flavors of blizzard.. or if they froze in the face of competition.

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