North Dakota Derby Day highlights social horse racing culture

The North Dakota Horse Park bring Kentucky Derby vibes on North Dakota Derby Day!

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The dapper outfits are on full display.

Derby day is the season finale for horse racing in the North Dakota Horse Park, owners, trainers, and jockey’s have been working for months to prepare their horses, for this moment.

Hundreds came out and laid their bets down.
Molly Kerr and Mikayla Bennett are out there for the first time, serving drinks and smiles to the folks.

“Energy has been fun it’s busier on that end and we need people to come over here,” said Molly Kerr of the Edgewood Tavern.

“Yea we’re trying to get everyone riled up, trying to get everyone excited, so you can definitely tell the people who have been winning today, and who’s been losing,” said Mikayla Bennett, Edgewood Tavern.

It goes much deeper than just the racing, it’s also about the social culture, the drinks, the food, and of course the attire.

“You know we have a lot of people who like Busch Light, Coors Light, Bud Light, all those classic domestic beers. This is our favorite one we’ve been selling today, it’s just a tank of a beer,” said Bennett.

Brian Moore brought out the pink for the Derby.

“I’ve always loved getting dressed up for horse racing we go out for the Kentucky in town here, we try to get out to the horse park and kind of look nice, and there is a lot of good looking people out here,” said Brian Moore, Fargo.

There were a lot of pastels and bright colors being worn, I caught up with one winner from the best dressed youth competition.

“Well I was cleaning my room yesterday and it’s very colorful and it’s almost to small for me so I thought I’d wear it one last time. I love dressing up because I just feel like it really shows off my fashion,” said Linnea Bruns, Best Dressed Youth Winner.

And we can’t sleep on the accessories.

“Lots of bow ties, lot of ladies with nice beautiful big hats,” said Moore.

Does the hat make the outfit?

“Oh definitely definitely, yea the hats are kind of goes back to England or something you know, or the Kentucky Derby,” said Barbara Olson, Detroit Lakes.

“Oh for sure the hat is the number one thing that makes the outfit for sure,” said Kerr and Bennett

There will be a cornhole tournament tomorrow and a $100,000 horseshoe toss at 11:30 am.

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