Supreme Court rejects most of Pendleton’s appeal


BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR-KNOX) – The North Dakota Supreme Court has rejected most of the arguments in the appeal of Salamah Pendleton, the Grand Forks man convicted in the shooting deaths of his mother and a Grand Forks police officer in May of 2020.

Among the questions raised by Defense Attorney Kiara Krauss-Parr: Whether the court created a structural error denying Pendleton’s right to a public trial…whether he had the right to personally be present during all jury selection…and the possibility of jury misconduct.

The Supreme Court upheld most of the judgments, but ordered reversal and re-sentencing regarding his Class B felony conviction for possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Pendleton argued that it should be reduced to a Class C felony.

In July 2021, Pendleton was found guilty of seven of nine charges — two counts of murder, two counts of the attempted murder of two deputies, terrorizing, reckless endangerment and the drug charge.

He was found not guilty of the attempted murder of another Grand Forks police officer and of criminal mischief.

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