Surrounding towns come together to celebrate Kindred Days

Organizers say over the decades the event continues to grow and celebrate the people that live there.

KINDRED, N.D. (KVRR) — Kindred Days continues to grow and celebrate the town’s history.

Events kicked off Friday with a three-on-three basketball tournament and ended with an outdoor showing of Field of Dreams.

Through the weekend, organizers say they wanted to make sure there was entertainment for all ages,

There were games, inflatable houses and plenty of food.

They say they also want to include local businesses as much as possible.

“The people from Kindred and surrounding areas come out for us in really good numbers, the last several years we just seem to keep having a larger, and larger event. In fact a few years ago we were just sort of centered in the city park, and now we’ve gotten big enough and had enough turnout, that we’ve had to move downtown,” said Jamie R. Swenson, Kindred Days Volunteer.

They want to add more businesses and welcome the surrounding areas to come out next year.

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