ND State Representative using his platform to uplift at Pride event

Boschee wants the LGBTQ community to get out and make their voices heard at the polls

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — State Representative Josh Boschee wants to continue to use his platform to fight for gay rights and took the opportunity at the Pride event to encourage people in the LGBTQ community to get out and vote.

His speech fired up a crowd of thousands.

Boschee is the first openly gay man to serve in the North Dakota legislature.

He says the way the Fargo Moorhead community has embraced and welcomed their lifestyle is encouraging.

But Boschee feels the work isn’t done and he’s been vocal about the right wing Bastiat Caucus and how they’re operating.

“A lot of times at these pride rallies, we’ve been able to talk about the celebrations of legislations passed and decisions that are protecting our livelihoods and our families, but now we’re starting to see a shift in that as we see some extreme overreach in the GOP party specifically so I just want to make sure people know that, you know we can’t sit any election out,” said State Rep. Joshua Boschee, (D) Minority Caucus Leader.

He says far-right policies, such as banning transgender students from competing in K-12 sports or prohibiting critical race theory from schools, are causing young adults to flee the state.

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