Fargo family makes it onto “Family Feud”

The episode is set to air on KVRR in October

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A Fargo family turns a wish into a reality when they appear on their favorite game show.

Bob Meyhuber says the idea of going on Family Feud came up three years ago. Some family members were in and others were out.

He says some thought it would be a long shot to get on the show, but when the family heard producers of one of their favorite shows were in the area looking for contestants, they took their shot.

Bob says, “That ignited a flame that we organized and we sent in an audition video.”

They did a live zoom audition after that.

Wettstein adds, “I confessed to the producers when they contacted us for the third time I think it was, and I said Brice I’m sitting here, Brice, I have to be honest with you when Bob asked us about this, there’s now way in heck we’re not getting on.”

Out of 20,000 audition tapes, they say theirs blew the producers away.

Julie Meyhuber says, “Other families that were there we heard had been on a list for years, and for us, it all happened in a matter of months, so it went really really fast.”

Family Feud paid for their flight and hotel rooms and off the went.

Sue Meyhuber says, “They tell you right from the beginning that you should plan on being here eight to twelve hours a day. So when they pick you up at the hotel, I mean, they treat you like queens and kings. You are camera ready and ready to go from the minute you leave the hotel.”

“You were talking about being nervous and what not, trying to be up on stage. I thought we would be and Julie looks over at me and says we’re actually doing this, ” says Kent.

They got the star treatment and the show’s host Steve Harvey helped ease their nerves.

Kent adds, “When Steve came out and the music was going, he made it so easy and everything just went away.” “I usually don’t do these things, I’m kind of a quiet person.”

Julie jokes, “No, you’re not.”

They said it was nice to see Steve Harvey engaging everyone, and cracking jokes on people including a couple of them.

Julie says, “He can only have ugly friends so that means that you can be my friend, and you can be my friend.”

Bob says, “Good looking guys attract good looking ladies and Margery won’t stand for that. He points right at Jeff and says you can be my friend. You’re ugly.”

“Steve Harvey there’s way more to him then what you might think, and we saw a lot of humility out of him,” Julie says.

Bob says, “Yeh,a I mean I’ve never been on any other game shows but this one as far as I’m concerned is top shelf.”

“TEAM Meyhuber!!”

The family plans to have a viewing party together when the episode debuts on October 18th.

You can watch the episode on KVRR.

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