Minnesota GOP Senate candidate Dan Bohmer says c-word attack ad is ‘full of lies’

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – A Republican Minnesota Senate candidate says an attack ad by the DFL Senate Caucus is full of lies.

“Bohmer recorded his son while he showered. He called his own wife a ‘c***,’ ‘stupid,’ ‘parasite.’ We should never call Dan Bohmer senator,” the ad said.

The ad uses court documents from Bohmer’s divorce from his wife, Kate, in October 2021.

“I was disgusted and horrified. It’s a horrific ad and it’s just inconceivable that anybody would think that this is something that would be appropriate for a campaign,” Bohmer said.

Former Republican State Representative and Moorhead Mayor Morrie Lanning says he’s never heard the C word used in a political ad.

“The Senate DFL Caucus has stooped to a new low in my opinion. That’s rather disgusting to have an ad like that run a week right before the election. And, if there’s an issue here, that should have come out a long, long time ago,” Lanning said.

“I despise the negative tone of political campaigning in recent years, and was surprised to see the ad against my opponent that was created and released without my knowledge,” Bohmer’s opponent, DFLer Rob Kupec said in a statement.

“Recognize that Rob is not disavowing these despicable tactics with lies. I think Rob would feel much different if somebody were to do the same thing to him,” Bohmer said.

“Dan Bohmer is asking voters for the privilege of making decisions on their behalf, and has made character a central part of his campaign. Now it’s up to voters to determine if this information is disqualifying,” Senate DFL Caucus Campaign Director Megan Hondl said in a statement.

A Moorhead Police Report from December 2020 shows Kate claimed her husband was recording their seven-year-old in the shower. Dan told officers he was advised by his attorney to record when Kate is argumentative. The officer saw the video where Dan had the video recorder on, but the camera was placed on the counter. The officer says they didn’t see a child naked and only saw black and cabinets.

“The divorce I went through was hard on everybody involved and it was deeply painful and disturbing to see my kids’ names and these accusations,” Bohmer said.

The ad won’t stop Bohmer from campaigning in Clay and Becker Counties.

“I have yet had one person slam the door in my face because of these ads. I’ve had plenty welcoming me in because of them. They said ‘This is just despicable,'” Bohmer said.

KVRR reached out to the DFL to ask how much the party paid for TV, radio and online attack ads against Bohmer, but they didn’t respond.

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