Five Former Moorhead Mayors Attend Swearing In Ceremony

Morrie Lanning, Wayne Ingersoll, Mayor Shelly Carlson, Del Rae Williams, Mark Voxland & Judge Johnathan JuddMOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — Five former Moorhead mayors attend the swearing in of Mayor Shelly Carlson and newly and re-elected council members. The election winners were all sworn in by Seventh Judicial District Judge Johnathan Judd, a former mayor of Moorhead. Other former mayors included…

Minnesota GOP Senate candidate Dan Bohmer says c-word attack ad is ‘full of lies’

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – A Republican Minnesota Senate candidate says an attack ad by the DFL Senate Caucus is full of lies. “Bohmer recorded his son while he showered. He called his own wife a ‘c***,’ ‘stupid,’ ‘parasite.’ We should never call Dan Bohmer senator,” the ad said. The ad uses court documents from Bohmer’s divorce from his wife, Kate,…

Morrie Lanning to Receive the 2017 Bud Grant Distinguished Minnesotan Award

Lanning will receive the award during the annual Minnesota Football Honors Ceremony at U.S. Bank Stadium on May 7

  MOORHEAD, Minn. — Morrie Lanning is getting the 2017 Bud Grant Distinguished Minnesotan Award. The award is given out each year by the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Chapter of the National Football Foundation. The former longtime mayor of Moorhead and former State Representative is being recognized for his legislative work in making the new Vikings stadium a reality….