Syphilis cases rising across North Dakota

The bacterial infection is usually spread by sexual contact that starts as a painless sore.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A rise in syphilis cases stretches across North Dakota.

According to the state’s Department of Health around 100 cases have been reported.

It’s about 10 or more cases compared to 2021 and nearly a quarter of cases are in Cass County.

Experts say people who have had sexual contact with an infected person within 90 days should get tested.

“I like to tell people it’s better to get it checked out now because if not, if you don’t get it checked out, the symptoms can be quite severe. People can lose their eyesight. People can affect their hearing, especially in women and can affect their baby if they were to become pregnant and have syphilis,” says Brenton Nesemeier, the Director of Field Services at the North Dakota Department of Health.

Syphilis is curable with the correct treatment from your healthcare provider.

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