DRN ReadiTech expands broadband internet in Horace

HORACE, N.D. (KVRR) — A North Dakota tech company is bringing fiber optic networks to Horace, North Dakota to help the community expand its internet connection.

DRN ReadiTtech specializes in IT support, cybersecurity and internet service. The company celebrates its $12 million new office space with a ribbon cutting celebration. It’s their third new location with offices opening in Casselton and Mapleton last year.

The CEO of the Ellendale-based company says businesses and schools in Horace will have better broadband access with this expansion.

“We got into constructing the fiber optics at the same time Horace was growing so we’re growing together. When a town grows as quickly as Horace is growing, they need infrastructure to grow with it and fiber optics scales great with a fast-growing community,” Kent Schimke said.

He says he’s looking forward to a more customer service approach where people won’t have to look far if they need help.

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