Misfits BBQ Club of El Zagal smoke more than 60 turkeys for Thanksgiving

Not all heroes wear capes... In fact, most wear aprons.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — In its third straight year, the Misfits BBQ Club of El Zagal made smoked turkey for people’s Thanksgiving meals outside the shrine.

They smoked more than 60 turkeys weighing around 20 lbs. and costing $50 each.

The club says they want to continue this tradition and are always happy to help feed the community.

“People come to us, they want to buy turkeys for their meal, and we cook it for them, they come pick it up, take it home and eat it. We also have 20 turkeys today going to those in need. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. We love doing stuff for other people. It’s what we do, and we appreciate all the support which is awesome, and we have a beautiful day. We got lucky,” said Mike Dow of the Misfits BBQ Club of El Zagal.

The club formed during the early stages of the COVID-19 lockdowns to give people food options as many restaurants were closed.

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