NDSU students design games to get children involved in STEM

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — College students are designing toys and games to try and get younger children involved in STEM in a hands-on learning opportunity.

NDSU students design toys or games for preschool aged children to demonstrate in front of their class.

One group designed a board game that, on certain spaces, causes the player to complete a challenge card task.

It’s similar to chutes and ladders to keep kids interested.

“First thing that came to mind for me was to have a board game with simple machines as obstacles in the way and Levers seemed to be the best way to incorporate it into a game,” said Thomas Bienek, a student at NDSU.

“Introducing STEM to kids early on will really help us increase our representation within STEM. It keeps kids interested longer. There’s a lot of research that shows kids lose interest relatively early on in life, kind of the end of elementary. So, if we keep them engaged in it and interested in it, they’re more likely to enter into those STEM fields,” said Jessica Vold, an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at NDSU.

She says she got the idea from Engineering Unleashed.

It’s a community of engineers focusing on instilling an entrepreneurial mindset to engineering students.

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