Lincoln Elementary School organizes fundraiser for former teacher in need

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A south Fargo grade school is supporting their former teacher through a tragic time by fundraising and outdoor activities.

Ross Olson taught physical education at Lincoln Elementary School for 12 years. He suffered multiple seizures while driving, leading to a crash in late October, leading to severe shoulder damage. CT and MRI scans revealed a tumor in his temporal lobe, which controls motor functions of the body’s left side.

Olson is recovering from shoulder surgery and will soon have a procedure to remove the tumor.

The Lincoln PTA organized a day of outside fun for the students at the school’s ice rink. They raised money through hot chocolate sales and a jar for each grade level.

“All these people have been just wonderful. It just makes my heart very happy and I feel extremely blessed and I know nothing but good is going to be coming out of this with his health. He’s one heck of a strong guy. I just, again, want to thank the Lincoln PTA and everybody who has shown up here and put this on. It’s very awesome and incredible,” says Barbara Olson, Ross’ mother.

Lend a Hand Up is sponsoring the fundraiser, which has raised more than $10,000 so far.

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