Lincoln Elementary School

Fargo Fire Department Teaching Students About Fire Safety

Fargo Fire Department Teaches Students at Lincoln Elementary School About Fire Safety

FARGO, ND — Firefighters talked to elementary students to remind them that when it comes to an emergency, you can never be too prepared. As part of the Fargo Fire Department’s “Learn Not to Burn” education program, Lincoln Elementary School had firefighters talk to grades K-2 about how to prepare for an emergency. The fire department emphasized the importance of…

Lincoln Elementary Principal Takes Rewards to New Heights

The Principle at Lincoln Elementary School Spent Her Workday on the Roof to Reward Her Students' Fundraising Efforts

FARGO, ND — Lincoln Elementary School’s principal went the extra mile after her students did theirs and exceeded their Walk-A-Thon goal. Principal Megan Kiser challenged students by saying if they met their goal of $10,000, she would spend the entire work day on the roof of the school. Students and the PTA stepped up and raised $10,300 for the school…

Lincoln Elementary Students Set Up a One-Stop Dime Shop

As part of a math lesson, students transformed their classroom into a store

FARGO, ND– Second graders at Lincoln Elementary School set up shop and are ready for business. As part of a math lesson, students transformed their classroom into a store. Throughout the last few weeks, the second graders have been earning money by doing chores at home. The students then get the option to spend what they made on items donated…