Lincoln Elementary Principal Takes Rewards to New Heights

The Principle at Lincoln Elementary School Spent Her Workday on the Roof to Reward Her Students' Fundraising Efforts

FARGO, ND — Lincoln Elementary School’s principal went the extra mile after her students did theirs and exceeded their Walk-A-Thon goal.

Principal Megan Kiser challenged students by saying if they met their goal of $10,000, she would spend the entire work day on the roof of the school.

Students and the PTA stepped up and raised $10,300 for the school that will go towards programs and education services.

Kizer said the challenge was worth every moment and every penny.

“It has been a lot of fun, the kids have been coming out and saying hi,” Kiser said. “Passersby have been really excited about seeing a principle up on the roof and getting to know that hey we made our goal.”

Kiser says for next year’s Walk-A-Thon she is willing to give the students the same reward, or do something even bigger.

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