LIVE: Local Ad Pros Weigh in On Super Bowl Ads

It's some of the best TV you'll see all year.

Local ad makers are weighing in on this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads, and they’re finding a lot to like.

Of course, the Scheels ad featuring North Dakota native Josh Duhamel, who’s currently co-starring in “Shotgun Wedding” with Jennifer Lopez, is finding a welcome audience in local viewers.

Flint Group’s John Pederson also gives top scores to the Pepsi ads featuring A-listers Steve Martin and Ben Stiller.

After going out on a limb last year with crypto ads and seeing some backlash from consumers, this year marked a return to the tried and true with top stars and traditional ad themes.

Pederson also gives the M&Ms ad with Maya Rudolph good reviews, especially after the candy’s recent controversy.

He also praised the humor in Ram truck’s “Premature Electrification” ad, saying it skirts the important line between family friendly and double entendre.

Check out his insight into the rest of the evening’s ads and what he sees as the hits, the misses, the standouts and the surprises live with Emily Welker and Adam Ladwig on the Morning Show.


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