Learn about everything to make your lake place enjoyable at the Sportsmen’s Show

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The Fargodome is full of toys to get people ready for spring on the lakes at the Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Show that goes through Sunday.

“After last year, we had such a late ice out. I think everyone’s going to be itching a little bit more this year to get out,” J & K Marine Detroit Lakes Dock and Lift Manager Chris Denardo said.

If you are, there’s plenty of things to see to prepare for a few months on the lakes. J & K Marine is showing off their Beach King equipment.

“We sell tons of pontoons, fishing boats, deck boats as well as the dock and lifts stuff that we have, so we carry a good portion of things that people want to have fun on the water,” Denardo said.

In our area there are plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors. Why not customize your cabin to be a home away from home?

“With all the different kinds of deckings and dock configurations and all the different boats and pontoons, it does help educate people on what’s available out there,” Lakes Area Docks & Lifts Owner Donavan Rasmusson said.

Rasmusson says from a first time buyer to someone who hasn’t bought a dock or lift in 20 years, there’s plenty to learn at the Fargodome.

“If there’s anything I think that COVID has taught us, it’s taught us that we should shop earlier and be prepared,” Rasmusson said.

Even if going on the water isn’t your thing, there’s special entertainment options. North Dakota in the winter is far from tropical, so Wildlife Wendy brought her tropical birds to Fargo.

“They’re colorful, they’re beautiful, they’re loaded with personality. They can talk,” Wendy Horton said.

They might not be for everyone.

“A parrot is not always the best pet. They’re not easy keepers. They’re a lot of work. I mean, they’re noisy by nature,” Horton said.

Click here for the Sportsmen’s Show schedule and ticket information and here for more information on Wildlife Wendy.

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