MN Senate Passes Free School Meals, Gets National Attention for Senator’s Comments

ST. PAUL (KVRR/AP) — A vote on free lunches and breakfasts for Minnesota students regardless of income is getting national attention for what one Senator had to say.

The Senate passed the bill 38-26.

It has been a Democratic priority this session but even a few Republicans crossed over.

It’s estimated that the program will cost the state about $400 million in a two-year budget

The state will pick up the difference between federal reimbursements and the actual costs.

GOP Sen. Steve Drazkowski of Mazeppa, a small town north of Rochester, is getting national media coverage for his stance against the bill.

“I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry,” Drazkowski told the Senate chamber.

“Yet today, I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that says they don’t have access to enough food to eat. Now, I should say that hunger is a relative term, Mr. President. You know, I had a cereal bar for breakfast, guess I’m hungry now.”

Nearly 275,000 students now get free or reduced-price lunches.

The bill now goes back to the House for some language changes before it heads to Gov. Walz.


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