Street Crews Are Working Hard To Clear Snow

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — All during the big spring snowstorm, crews have been out working to clear the roads.

As this winter brought more snow then usual, crews have been working overtime.

Although, they did not need to bring on additional crew members, they have been working through the night and will continue through tonight.

Overnight crews worked to clear main roads and highways and are now focusing on clearing residential streets.

“I think in general; we just ask for the public’s patience as we continue to clear the roads. Anytime you see our plows or large equipment out go ahead and slow down, back off a little bit, stay a safe distance back just so everyone can get to where they’re going safely.” says Paul Fiechtner of Fargo Public Works.

It is important to stay safe on the roads and that includes using caution when driving near plows.

Fiechtner stresses crews are working non-stop and asks for the communities’ patience as they continue to clear our streets.

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