Truckers stranded from the storm due to interstate closures

It's day two of road closures in our region due to the latest storm system.

NORTH DAKOTA/MINNESOTA (KVRR) — With large areas of highways and interstates closed, some truckers across the country have found themselves trapped in Fargo.

The North Dakota Department Transportation closed I-29 from Canada to the South Dakota border because of low visibility and icy roads.

I-94 from Bismarck to Fargo remains closed for the same reasons.

Both interstates are impassable because of drifting snow and high winds.

The state D.O.T. has been clearing up highways across the state since 5 Wednesday morning and say the biggest hurdle is dealing with the high winds.

“Our plan is to work for a while and we’re going to let this wind slow down. The wind goes down at around two in the morning. So, all of our crews are coming in right away early tomorrow morning and start working on all the interstates. Once we get the interstates open, we’re going to start moving all our resources to the secondary roads,” said Kent Leysring the Maintenance Superintendent at the NDDOT.

He says he hopes the highways will clear up by noon Thursday.

Many truckers are in Fargo trying to get through for business but closures have kept them stranded.

Instead, they’re passing time by grabbing a bite to eat or exploring the city.

“You need to have patience. Go home safe, no matter what. If it’s a little too long then it’s frustrating. Everybody wants to go home as early as possible,” said Hardeep Chahal.

Others started in Georgia and some are from just around the corner trying to get back home.

“I loaded in Joplin yesterday and I dropped in St. Cloud and I did three drops in Fargo. I just live twelve miles down the road and I can’t get home. How does it make you feel? I’m tired. I want to get out of the truck. I want to take a shower, get some clean clothes. There’s nothing you can do about it,” said Keith Charbonneau.

He says some truckers have lost business because of highway crashes.

In northwest Minneosta, where the travel advisory is lifted, officials are warning the public to take caution and not to drive unless they need to.

“Just because there’s not a no travel advisory out there, doesn’t mean things have improved that much. Just be aware of that. Things can still be difficult as far as travel. With snow and ice, it’s just one of those things. Here we are in April and it’s a reality for us that live in the tri-state area. Winter can stick around for a while. Each day and every hour could be different in terms of what you encounter on the roadways,” says Sgt. Jesse Grabow of the Minnesota State Patrol.

Some truckers say they’ve been glued to their phones waiting for a green light so they can continue their trips.

Motorists who drive through a road closure may be fined up to $250.

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