Lindquist to launch “Everything Ukraine” podcast featuring local Ukrainians

KYIV, UKRAINE (KVRR) — In the next few weeks, Mark J. Lindquist will be launching a podcast series called “Everything Ukraine”, where he’ll interview locals and international leaders about how they have been dealing with the ongoing war.

The Moorhead Air Force veteran is also getting ready to host a TEDx Talk at the University of North Carolina later this month.

Lindquist admits he’s been losing money through his humanitarian efforts and wants to see that same passion from fellow Americans.

“What I see missing is a whole of society ‘Greatest Generation’, something our grandparents would be proud of, type effort on behalf of Americans to preserve freedom on this continent yet again. This is a free country. This is a place where freedom reigns where you have freedom of speech, assembly and the press. That’s something I would hope Americans are interested in supporting,” Lindquist said.

Lindquist has made several trips to and from Kyiv, Ukraine since last year gathering medical supplies and donations to help Ukrainians in its war with Russia.

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