32nd annual Woodlands and High Plains Pow Wow returns to MSUM

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — Hundreds packed the stands at Nemzek Hall to experience Native culture at the 32nd annual Woodlands and High Plains Pow Wow at MSUM.

“Together we Thrive” is this year’s theme featuring many styles of dance and drum songs from tribes across our region.

Some of the dances include the jingle dress special and the potato dance special.

The Woodlands and High Plains Pow wow began on the grassroots level backed by student-led organizations and continues to pick up momentum over the years.

“Dancing is the best feeling in life. This is like the only time I’m able to be truly free. So, that’s one of the things that truly speaks with me when it comes to dancing. Everyone’s welcome to come here so they can experience the culture of our indigenous peoples and kind of just reclaim the culture that got lost throughout the years and a chance to celebrate life and community,” said Roselynn Jones.

She says it’s important for natives to return to their roots by learning their languages again and practice traditional activities to continue growth.

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