Overcrowding Still An Issue At Local Animal Shelters

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Overcrowding is still an issue for many animal shelters across the country.

In fact, the issue is so bad that dogs are dying because shelters do not have the capacity or resources to help all of these animals.

This is also true for our local animal shelters and pounds as they are desperately pleading for help.

“Our intake coordinators are very hard at work and answering every single inquiry we get but unfortunately we have to turn down more people than we can help right now.” says Foster Coordinator of 4LuvOfDog, Erin Buzick.

Meet Marnie, she was found in a dumpster with multiple injuries including a broken femur and a leg needing to be amputated.

As a tripod puppy at just 7 months old, if there was a face to portray strength, determination, and what second chances are all about, it would be hers.

Although no one can change what happened to Marnie, Fargo can do better for dogs just like her.

“She came to us with a splint on and yesterday she got surgery to have a pin put in place because obviously we don’t want her to go from three legs to two legs. That’s gonna be a little bit hard for her to get around.” says Operations Director of Homeward Animal Shelter, Heather Clyde.

Local shelters and pounds are so overcrowded they are resorting to turning orphaned, adoptable animals away.

They are so full that they can’t house them or give them the medical care they need.

“There are more dogs coming in than are being adopted so each and every week is a struggle to make sure we have enough space to make sure we have enough space whether that’s physically here in the shelter or with foster homes and it feels like a never-ending battle.” says Clyde.

The shelters are looking for fosters and they’re waiving dog adoption fees to try to ease the crunch.

For more information on how you can help or donate click here for 4LuvOfDog and here for Homeward Animal Shelter.

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